Epic Firework Fail

Last year the 4th of July was miserable.  My husband accidentally launched our baby into a sand volleyball court from her stroller (oops) and then the fireworks scared the spit out of her. 

I spent thirty minutes crouched in a stranger’s open garage hiding behind a suburban cupping my hands over Kolby’s ears trying to block the booming cracks of the Ladera Ranch fireworks extravaganza as she wailed in big gulpy sobs.

But as much as last year’s 4th stunk Twinkies, it couldn’t be worse than the epic fail of the firework show in San Diego that went awry last night.

My family parked on a high hill this year above the Ladera show to: (a). maintain a safe distance from the scary noise for Kolby, and (b.) to have a car to stash our toddler if she went into freak out mode. 

The awesome part about our perched spot was being able to watch ten different firework shows from San Diego to Newport Beach. 

About 9:00pm we were watching a show in the San Clemente/San Diego direction when it looked like a bomb went off.  Flashes rocked the sky more intense than any choreographed show I’ve even seen.

I joked to the crowd we better pack up and head out because San Onofre was exploding.  Everyone laughed nervously, but we all scratched our heads as the most intense explosion we had ever seen went off for about fifteen seconds.

This morning I opened my computer to read in the news how a San Diego barge full of fireworks accidentally launched all at once.

That’s right…ALL AT ONCE! 


I generally struggle with the fact that Californians spend millions of dollars on fancy fireworks shows and yet continue to hose our schools, but this takes the cake. (and yes I know they come out of different budgets)

In fifteen seconds hundreds of thousands of dollars literally went up in smoke and probably scared the pants off the crowd in San Diego waiting for a glitzy show and getting Hiroshima instead, 

So, if you saw something weird in the sky last night you aren’t crazy and it wasn’t aliens, just good old California  blowing up our tax dollars.

Did you see the massive explosion? Thoughts?

Photo Credit: Travis Cass via Instagram


  1. Wow. That is so not good! I thought about that possibility last night while watching our small town’s show. I hope that no one was injured?! I too, have lived through the toddler/horrified years – glad that we’re past that now!

  2. Here in Florida certain fireworks, such as “sparklers” and things that do not launch or explode (in other words, “sparklers”), are considered illegal … unless you sign an affidavit (or at least a little sheet) explaining that you’re using them to encourage birds or other wildlife to leave your farm or other area.

    Of course, nobody enforces this law, and everybody signs the little sheet when a professional remembers to get you to do it. (Many stores, such as Walmart or grocery stores, don’t even bother.)

    The one time I went to see a professional fireworks show, I saw enough “amateur” shows in the parking lot that I was seriously afraid one of those bottle rockets or other tubes of C4 would launch directly into someone else’s tailpipe, which would’ve seriously caused some fireworks. I bailed before the show even started.

    Every year since, my wife and/or I hold our little Rat-cha while the war goes on, on July 4, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve, and a few other times I never recall until it’s too late. Until this year, I’ve also prayed for our neighbors, whose son had a panic attack when someone fired a cap gun at a VBS skit, and who reacted to fireworks like a shell-shocked veteran. (They moved to Virginia this past year, sadly, but hopefully they have a ban on private fireworks, too.)

    I have hyperacusis, which is a sensitivity to loud noises, especially high-pitched ones. I’ve heard dog whistles before, and the “teen buzz” ringtones are rarely muffled to me. The screech of a child will bounce inside my head for hours, increasing the headache with each bounce.

    Needless to say, I’m not a fan of amateur fireworks.

    The guys you saw may as well be amateurs.

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