I am passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with an authentic and relevant voice.  I promise to make you laugh, possibly cry, and will do my very best to make you think about  faith a little differently.

If you’d like me to speak for your non-profit, church group, retreat or next event, please email me at: sam@scrappysam.com to discuss details.

I can speak on the following topics:

  • I Said “I Do” Right?
  • Sex, Purity and Second Chances
  • Developmental Play for Babies
  • Grace and Giggles…The Toddler Years
  • Texting, Sexting and Raising a Teen…Help!
  • Beauty in God’s Eyes
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Love, Sex and Dating in a Post-Christian World(co-taught with Pastor Tim Keller)


“Samantha has been incredible when she comes to speak at our weekly parenting class offered through Birth Choice Health Clinics.  She speaks on a variety of topics and is always clear -making those attending feel comfortable.  Her versatility is amazing, she is always professional and delightfully refreshing!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful speaker.”
-Julia Smart, Clinic Manager, Birth Choice Health Clinics
“You and Sam are a dynamic duo! You two are the only married couple I’ve EVER heard who speak to singles and actually “get it” and in turn, the audience gets you!  Most singles speakers are really out of touch or can’t relate to what singles…especially Christian singles go through and the struggles they face trying to live godly lives. I hope your singles talk goes viral big time!”Nick Arnette-Keynote Speaker, Comedian and Master of Ceremonies

Samantha and Tim Keller Schedule 2017

Date Topic Location
Feb 2-March 9, 2017 Relationship Foundations, Mariners Church MV Mariners Church Mission Viejo, CA (Thursdays at 7:00pm Jr. High Room)
 Feb 10th, 2017  Date Night  Mariners Church Mission Viejo, CA (Friday, child care available)
 April 6, 2017  Divorce Care “Sex and Relationships”  Mariners Church Irvine, CA (Thursday) High School Building 6:30pm
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