Love is Not a Feeling

Here is our first of four video blogs about dating now viewing on Christian Mingle…

(The first one was rejected by the editors because yours truly used a slang word for oral sex.)

I know, I know…Sam we can’t take you anywhere!

After some magical editing, I am now fit to be shown in middle America.

Let me know what you think.




The Messiest Mess


A few years ago I tumbled into a river. In white pants and wedges—with a not so graceful leap over a rock—I slipped, squealed and dropped into the murky water. I emerged wet, dirty, embarrassed and bloody. My husband and son tried not to … [Continue reading]

Pretty Ugly-Why Dating the Hot Girl Sucks


A friend called the other day as I wolfed down a salad with my hubby at a nearby restaurant. In between bites, I listened to his sorry tale of a date gone AWKWARD. And as Tim and I laughed with (and at) our friend’s awful tale, I remembered how … [Continue reading]

Why it’s Time to take off the Beer Goggles


On the outside looking in, my life is Insta/FB worthy.  I’ve got three great kids who are healthy and functional, a job I love, a new dog, and a husband/bestie who is a pastor. There are 59 kids in our neck of the woods of Ladera Ranch.  A rope … [Continue reading]

Why you need to forget the “t”


I have a confession. I am still very attached to Mariners Mission Viejo Church—the church my husband and I planted four and a half years ago. (My husband doesn’t work there anymore—he’s back pastoring at the main campus again) But I miss … [Continue reading]

What if it was your last day?


Barbie dolls line the wine holder—a doll in each individual wine slot. “Kolby, what’s going on with your dollies?  I count about nine blond heads, “Why are they all in the wine holder?  It’s kind of creepy.” “Mommy they’re dead.  That’s their … [Continue reading]

a bit of a control freak


  I pick up my feet, one flip flop at a time and  shuffle into the Urgent Care--the mask of defeat turning the corners of my mouth into a grimace.   The front desk nurse giggles, "You two again?"   "Yep.  It's me. Again."   I give a weak "he … [Continue reading]

A Time to Plant


As soon as day breaks, I hear the pitter patter of little feet slide open the back door to head outside. “Mama, daddy and I are going out to the garden,” Kolby whispers in my ear. I love the way that word sounds—“garden”—it implies so much more … [Continue reading]

Counting the Gifts


“I keep waiting for the phone call,” I whisper to my husband as we snuggle in bed early one morn, reluctant to get up, get going, and start the day Tim rolls over and pulls me close to him, “What phone call?” “You know the one where they tell me, … [Continue reading]

Throwing Stones


I've been a bit of a gym rat lately.  I run, I lift, and I work off the grief and stress.    I also look around a lot--I mean there's not much to do on a treadmill other than watch the three TV stations available.  I tire of Fox News or The … [Continue reading]

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