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Hello and thanks for dropping by ScrappySam.com!

I’m Samantha Keller (aka Sam), mommy to Kyle(15), Faith(13) and Kolby(4), and wife to the amazing Pastor Tim Keller (not the one in New York, I’m taking about the hottie in So CAL).

I believe in a few main things-faith in a BIG GOD, laughter as a remedy to endure the inevitable struggles, and ravishing authentic truth -because life is simply too short for shallow pleasantries.

One of my favorite things to do is tell stories (my grandma used to call them fibs, but now we call it fiction) and you can usually find me either tapping away on my laptop or with my nose in a book (just read Girl on a Train…spooky!)

I am an intensely reflective chick, in touch with my dark side, and have a knack for finding God in the smallest details.

I’ve struggled to embrace the mommy blog label, wanting to be viewed as a more serious writer. But, as God whispers to my heart, I am surrendering my pride and acknowledging His precious truth. I am a different person because I am a mother. I daily sacrifice to these darling rug-rats and they expose not only beauty, but ugliness as well. So, maybe my writing isn’t all serious, but I hope it’s honest, blesses you, and seriously funny.

Thanks for joining me in my beautiful, messy storytelling life!


FYI: “Scrappy” is a reference to a fighter mentality and has no reference to scrapbooking. I am not very crafty. At all. Really. I’m also more likely to wear dangerous heels than boxing gloves.

You can also check out my work at:

  • Secrets of the Father Dec 2015 (A novel) co-authored with Paul Aubin
  • OC Register–Ladera Post (Guest Columnist)
  • Keller DatingThe Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism and technology.enhanced
  • Author of Six eBooks for Outreach, Inc.
  • Transitions 2012.
  • Ghostwritten 2 Novels
  • Here Comes the Bride published by Chicken Soup for the Soul featuring The Folly of Vanity.


I would be more than happy to speak with you to discuss my story or even make sure that you receive a review copy of my newest book. Please leave a comment on my blog with your contact info to schedule an interview or a book signing.


Nice to meet you–Sam and Tim

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