Pay it Forward

So my heart’s been acting a little cranky lately. It’s not a spiritual issue –more like the forty-year warranty on my body is about to expire and the valves need some fixing. I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at the Happy Heart Center waiting, waiting and waiting for my busy but awesome cardiologist Dr. Gandhi to take more tests.

Kolby accompanies me on these journeys and even though it’s a pain the behind to hang out in a waiting room and atrophy, my two year-old keeps it real. We sing silly songs, read magazines called “Great Circulation” and play on mommy’s iPhone. We have long conversations about doggies, and William (her best friend) and Mickey Mouse.

A few weeks ago we sat near an older couple who watched the two of us and chuckled at my busy toddler. They told me about their grandchildren and we swapped stories about living in Newport Heights (my old neighborhood) and writing and life.

No one mentioned why we were there. It’s never good news at the cardiologist or the oncologist but it just might just be one of the more genuine places to meet people. Everyone there is a bit frayed around the edges. Masks are let down. Sadness and hope and resolve swirl around like air freshener.

I found out they owned a clothing company for little girls called “Girlfriends” and the lovely lady –Anita asked me what size Kolby wore. She also asked for my card to check out my blog and said she might send us a treat.

I wished them the best and off we went to wait some more.

On the day before Mother’s Day, a big box arrived in the mail and I tore into it. I pulled out one beautiful dress after another for my little girl.

And I was blown away at this couple’s generosity. We didn’t talk about God or illness or anything sad that day –because it was the unspoken and obvious, we just laughed and gloried in the life and vibrancy of a small child.

And maybe that was our simple gift to them.

Thank you Anita and Jerry for your random act of kindness and paying it forward! You made my Mother’s day very special ♥

What can you do today to bless a stranger?


  1. Sending lots of love to you and your heart! xoxoxo

  2. "Bookish B" says:

    This is what keeps it all real, Sam!

    Having seen lots go wrong, I indulge too easily in pity parties. However, if the highest attainment of any human life is to know God well, I cannot imagine a better teacher than adversity. (I sincerely wish I could imagine a better teacher than adversity, but, I cannot!)

    Nor, am I yet mature enough to embrace adversity. However, the other Dr. Timothy Keller, occasionally salts his sermons with this gem. “What if you had to do a job which you absolutely hated, under the worst possible working conditions (a real Joe Versus the Volcano>/i> scenario)? What if you had to work like that for a whole year? But, at the end of that year you got $50 million tax free dollars? Wouldn’t you bounce out of bed each day looking forward to finishing another day, another week, or another month? Because each day, week, or month puts you that much closer to the $50M?”

    That is perfectly analogous what what this life and heaven are for the Christ Follower.

    Bless you Sam and the whole Keller Klan,

    “Bookish B”

    • I like that analogy. Every day does matter and it matters even more where our treasure resides. Looking forward to kingdom blessings!!! Really looking forward to a face to face with the big guy. But until then…adversity 🙂

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