Just Cracking Up Over Here

Check out my awesome boa!
I am having one of those icky-sicky days where I sound like a barking seal and feel like snotty slug.  But sometimes we have to buck up and get through these crap days.  I find that laughing is always the best medicine.
So, I decided to share some of my favorite silly finds of the day so you can share in my folly (or misery if you have no sense of humor).
How about some cat humor?

Source: popurls.com via Samantha on Pinterest



I’m on pins and needles waiting for him to say “boo!”


I think I saw a lady on Balboa Island with this little guy.  He was in a stroller.


Little offbeat humor here…for weird moms like me who know Goodnight Moon by heart.


I totally relate!  I’m a July baby.  It stinks man! And because I’m close to the 4th of July, people always give me sparklers as a gift.  What’s up with that?

Source: imgur.com via Samantha on Pinterest


Baby Charlie Brown…I love it!  All he needs is a crappy ornament!


This is so twisted and sick it’s kinda funny! He looks like a young Dexter.

I hope I made you grin! 

Much love…Sam

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