A Little Boy, a Football, and a Dream

Kyle "Krusher" Adams

Every year ‘bout this time I get a little pouty and sad because Kyle’s football season has come to an end. But this year it’s an extra big deal, because it’s the closure of six years worth of youth football–wow, I blinked and it’s over. It makes me cry to think about it.

The Good Old Days

I was a single mom when I signed my second grade boy up for Jr. All American football. After the first week of hitting he came and sat on my lap and put his little hands on my face and thanked me with all his heart.

Kyle as center

“Mommy, I get to hit people and it’s ok –this is the best thing ever! I am going to play in college and the NFL. Football is my life mommy.”


And to Kyle’s credit he has pursued his dream with a vengeance.


We’ve been through tough seasons and injuries (a slashed eye, a bum knee, and the swine flu), made tremendous friends (you know who you are Chargers ladies and Titan mammas), and lost our voices on the field of victory and defeat. There have been teams filled with strife, years where the angels sang (2008 Chargers Clinic and 2010 Titans PW ranked 3rd in the nation) and ordinary years that have been just fair to middling.

Faith cheering Kyle on!

I remember suiting Kyle up as a little guy (six years old) and fumbling around trying to strap on the pads. I got so tangled up with the cords sometimes we’d get snapped in the face by an errant strap. Kyle and I would laugh because mommy was so clueless about the gear.

But not anymore…

I’ve washed those football pants thousand of nights with my eyes closed and I can place 20 pads in the right pocket blindfolded.

Titans 3rd Place National Champions

We’ve played in the ‘hood, been smack talked by Southgate and left with police escorts.

Pep talk with Deon Sanders in Florida

I now know what a center is, a full back, a nose guard, a right tackle, and a defensive end –because those are all the positions I’ve watched #70 play.

Kyle and Nate

Faith was always by his side cheering him on and now baby Kolby can lift her tiny hands in the air and yell for her big bro.

Baby Kolby Titan Team Mascot

Thank you to the coaches that volunteered endless hours, to the team moms who slaved away putting together collages, and to the kids who played their hearts out.

Kyle about to Pancake!

And mostly, I thank God for putting a dream in a little boy and directing his every step.

Getting ready for the Big Game

Now we are on to high school football –a new adventure, and while I’m wistful about the past I look forward to this next adventure with my beloved son.


All Grown Up



  1. Okay, seriously??? While I’m at work?!? You just killed me. I’m sobbing like a baby and you made it so special with all the pictures. Though we have one year left (God and left leg willing), I’m saddened by the end of this season, too, since the vast majority of the boys and families we’ve spent 2/3 of Connor’s life with are moving on to HS next year. We didn’t get the closure of playing our last year with OUR teammates and you are all moving on! Kyle is amazing – as a football player and a young man – and you, Tim and Brent all hold a special place in my family’s life. All due to this ‘game’! Love you Sam!

    • AAHHHHHHH! I know, right! It’s so sad and poignant and weepy. Our community has been built on football for so many years. Remember the playoff game we lost when Preston broke his wrist? And how we all cried like babies. Remember sitting in the lawn chairs on the field melting with Karen and going to Magic Mountain, and Las Vegas, and to endless rounds of pizza? So many special memories of All Conference and tacos and Coach Gil and Bob yelling at our boys. Best Days of my life! Love you!!!

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