All Fleeced Up

Check out my beret...

For the last twenty-one months I have been hustling –writing early in the morning, at lunch, during baby’s nap and at all sorts of odd times.  I have been jotting down notes in the car, at church, on scraps of paper and sometimes even tapping away on my iPhone to pen some fabulous tale of awesome I might otherwise forget.

And it’s all been for this day. 

Today, I am officially a full-time freelance writer.

I wrote a while back about a big decision we were praying over and how Tim asked for fleece from God and God provided the fleece by miraculously placing a white van on the freeway with a “Got Fleece?” license plate right in front of my car.

God is so stinking creative!

Well, this was the big decision –to go all-out for my dream or stick with the safe and secure route.  In all honesty, moving from a full-time steady pay-check to a life of an eccentric beret wearing writer/artist just scraping by didn’t sound too appealing to my husband. 

But God provided the fleece.

I secured a couple of steady writing gigs and negotiated a deal to do a little contract work for my tech job.

We won’t starve, although I still may wear the beret and start mumbling in French, and read all of the works by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway and maybe 50 Shades of Gray (if they offer a PG version).

I am pinching myself this morning and blown away by the grace of God and his mercy. 

Sometimes our dreams do come true with plenty of hard work and spit and gumption.

And a loving God who provides the fleece and doors of opportunity no man can shut.

What is your dream job?  What can you do today to move towards a career that resonates in your spirit and makes you feel alive?


  1. Congrats, Sam!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh Sam!! I’m so proud of you and thrilled that you will be doing exactly what you LOVE and are so incredibly gifted at!! Please keep us all updated on other projects.

    God is Good all the time!! All the time God is Good!!!

    May God continue to Bless you,
    Michele Sabini 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness Sam!!!! This is just fabulous news!! Absolutely awesome for you! I know first hand taking that jump to pursue your passion. It comes with some rough bumps along the way. But that’s just life, right? God always provides and your spirit will be filled immensely and there is not enough money out there to fill that up! It really is priceless.

    Congrats my dear! So happy to read this!!

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